FANTASTIC FILMS INTERNATIONAL, LLC (FFI) is a self-styled, efficient operation with a commitment to finding and distributing quality, independent films internationally. Our goal is to make FFI a brand that ensures independent excellence and maximum return to our international buyers. We accomplish this by acquiring only a few new films each year that are worthy of the “Fantastic” label. This standard also gives each new “fantastic” film the attention they deserve. 

Roxane Barbat
Fred deWysocki III


As a full-service sales agent, we create and implement a customized marketing plan for each property we acquire or represent. Our strategy is to focus on establishing long term producer-supplier relationships and combine that focus with forging on-going distribution relationships in all territories. We attend major film and television markets and also make regular trips overseas to meet our buyers on their own turf to discuss current projects and to keep on top of territory-specific tastes and trends. We are continuing to expand our worldwide distribution network, on many levels, in order to ensure maximum exposure and revenue for our “Fantastic” product. We enable our titles to stand out by presenting each film in a unique, professional and innovative manner. We will consult and assist producers with the creation or improvement of artwork and trailers if necessary, while minimizing costs. To keep our overhead low, we will at times out-source specific services connected with our business. 

We have expanded into Executive Producing and Production in order to bring our expertise and resources to better improve the product by getting involved at the early stage. We also seek out like-minded professional, trend setting, innovative producer partners with an ability to overachieve. 


FANTASTIC FILMS INTERNATIONAL is passionately committed to selecting and promoting only films that are a unique combination of great writing, directing, acting and editing to create a universal story that will stand the test of time. FFI combines studio, entertainment and international distribution experience with a flair for discovering exceptional new talent. We are always looking for fresh, distinctive material with crossover appeal. FFI believes that international film sales are key to recouping a film’s production cost and one of the most critical (and overlooked) components for a film’s financial success beyond the budget. 

For more detail on our business strategy, please see the following BUSINESS OF FILM articles on Fantastic Films: Cannes 2008 and Cannes 2005

Submission Policy

We are always eager to discover new talent and 'fantastic' films, but as we receive hundreds of film submissions, please follow these guidelines: first, introduce yourself and your project via email. We prefer films shot in High Def, with high quality sound and technical elements. Please include genre, running time, original medium and final medium (film or digital?), cast (if they have some name value), what stage in production or post your project is in and a sell sheet or any other marketing materials you may have available. Please be aware that most of our buyers require separate M&E tracks, full-frame video masters, production stills, E&O insurance and clear chain-of-title documentation. Include a separate trailer, if available.

 The materials will not be returned unless a self-addressed stamped envelope is provided and we DO NOT ACCEPT ANY PERSONAL DELIVERIES.