(Family, Documentary – Africa – Completed)

An epic and thrilling walking journey across Ruaha National Park in Tanzania, to film hippos, one of the most majestic and dangerous animals in the world, in their natural environment.


(Action, Thriller – USA – Completed)

A Stolen Jackpot is an award winning, thriller where Tom Bennet is confronted with the two sides of luck. As soon as word gets out that Tom holds a $350 million dollar lottery ticket, his life takes a turn for the worse with the help of his scheming ex-fiancé and her hustler boyfriend, who plan a heist of Tom's jackpot. Mix in skullduggery with a stolen investment formula, a childhood sweetheart, and a couple of homicidal pensioners, and Tom finally sees why it's okay to lose once you've learned what's worth winning.



(Action, Animation, Family – UK – Completed)

Cast: Ioan Gruffudd, Danny Glover, Neve Campbell, Brian Cox, Brian Blessed and Sir Roger Moore.

It is two hundred years into the future and crime is getting a little bizarre. Boris Goudphater ("Good-farter") is a first prototype cyborg developed by the World Security Network to combat crime. The experiment failed due to a dangerous defect. Goudphater manages to survive the de-commissioning process and escapes. Horribly disfigured and angry, he is at large and out for revenge.

Agent Crush is a second series cyborg, and is trying to prove himself as a secret agent. Crush has been furnished with all types of superhero gadgets but he is prone to bumbling accidents and causes havoc wherever he goes. Accompanied by his inventor sidekick, Spanners and Spanner's daughter Cassie, his latest mission is to stop Goudphater from exploding a nuclear device in the centre of the Earth's magma core and causing every volcano to erupt, destroying the Earth. A spectacular flying car chase through the streets of New York and the underground lava caverns leads to an explosive climax.


(Action, Thriller – USA-Germany – Pre-Production)

Cast: Maria Olsen, Carol Anne Watts

BAILEY JENNINGS, is a timid recluse, who will soon find herself struggling for survival. Even the deadly stranger who has targeted Bailey and her friends is an unwitting part of a larger trap set long ago. If she is to solve the mystery and save her friends, Bailey must unleash her inner warrior. It’s a roller coaster weekend of non-stop action and self-discovery as a new heroine rises up to take AIM. Based on an award winning screenplay.


(Action, Animation, Family – Indonesia – In-Production)

Cast: Voice Cast: Name cast to be announced soon

Saved from death, a young man with a great destiny stands up against the King of Raks, who wants to overrule the world into slavery through fear and intimidation. Revived by the ancient magic of the Vatra, Ajisaka is the chosen one for immortality and possess the power of god.

ALIEN PROJECT [6 Episodes x 52 minutes TV series]  

(Documentary, History – France – Pre-Production)

French researcher and explorer, Thierry Jamin investigates the incredible, now famous case of the "Nasca three-fingered (alien) mummies" discovered in 2015 by a Peruvian Huaqueros group (pre-Columbian treasure hunters), in a still unknown place, located somewhere on the south coast of Peru, north of the small town of Nasca.


(Animation, Family – India, Mexico – Post-Production)

In this Disney-like holiday adventure, Charles and Wilbur are sent by their parents to an America orphanage in order to save them from the German air raids of World War 2. ALLEY OF DREAMS is an incredible journey of two brothers who find themselves far from their home in Southampton, England, adrift on the New York streets with a colorful group of freaks, swindlers and misfits. A compelling and captivating tale, of nail biting abductions, heroic rescues and Christmas celebrations. The brothers spread joy and laughter as they try to find a way to reunite with their parents.


(Family, Fantasy – Lithuania – Completed)

After his uncle’s plane disappears while transporting an ancient relic, explorer Gustav and the Professor set out in a search that turns into a fantastic and unforgettable adventure around the world. Along the way they meet a number of well known characters who do their best to provide some help. Their journey takes them to the mysterious forest where Tiny Ben has his secret radio station. They dive to the depths of the sea, where mermaids provide entertainment in the restaurant of the Titanic. They find Baron Munchausen stuck in the belly of a giant fish. They must escape from the Nautilus, Captain Nemo’s interplanetary space submarine. They crash land onto Robinson Crusoe’s desert island where he’s been quite busy creating his own paradise. They travel on flying windmills, boats and trains through northern seas and America’s Wild West - across the world, and even to space!


(Animation, Family – Slovakia – Pre-Production)

Cast: TBA

Inspired by a real life story of Hector - the astro-rat. When a global cheese shortage threatens the entire rodent community, a brave group of rats come to one decision: if there’s no cheese to be found on the Earth, then they must consider the moon since that is made of cheese. Hector Duddleswell has always dreamed of the stars, and when he catches a glimpse of glorious space travel, he’s willing to defy all odds to win the girl of his dreams and become the first rat in space.


(Action, Animation, Family – Iran – Completed)

A heroic general (Rostam) falls in love with the daughter of an opposing king. They have a son, but the son is taken from Rostam by the king and the father and son never meet. The son (Sohrab) is trained to be a great warrior and the first time the two meet (not knowing they are father and son) is on the battlefield. The themes of heroism, honor and love versus destiny and glory collide into an unforgettable story of exciting action and intrigue.


(Animation, Family, TV series – Iran – Completed)

Bigi is a little blue hippopotamus with a big heart. Partnering up with his trusty companions—a chimp, a cheetah, a squirrel, and a mole—they make a pretty darn good team of explorers. Bigi and Friends lets viewers tag along with their favorite hippo and his buddies as they scour an island paradise in search of adventure—and learn a thing or two about teamwork and friendship along the way. [65 Episodes x 7 minutes TV series.]


(Action, Fantasy, Adventure – Bulgaria – Pre-Production)

Cast: Liam McIntyre, Conan Stevens, Bashar Rahal

500,000 B.C. The great warrior Braann leads a hunting party to catch a giant woolly rhino. The resulting feast is interrupted when ape-like cannibals, the Hooths attack and kidnap the women and children. Braann and a group of warriors pursue the cannibals and annihilate them. In the Hooths camp, Braann frees the captured Akha and falls in love. She asks him to go with her to her tribe. Their journey is full of danger. With Braann’s courage and strength, they escape the attack of a giant cave spider, kill the water monster and survive the atrocious sacrifice ritual of bloodthirsty women-wolverines. And there is still more to come. An epic, action adventure set in prehistoric times, Braann of Pangea is the story of great warrior and the struggle for survival against monsters of a savage world.


(Action, Thriller – USA – Post-Production)

Cast: TBC

1921 Palermo Sicily. When the only witness to a mafia murder is the local priest, his assassination is ordered. These events force the Baresi and Pesaro families to relocate to America. Rather than face the church and locals, under the protection of Witchcraft, these Mafia families have prospered but there is a condition that they all must honor for eternity. They must now eradicate any remaining bloodline family members of the priest in order to have protection, and the eternal Stregheria blessings. They, in essence, have sold their souls, and the souls of their future generations by committing blaspheme against the Roman Catholic church. All this sacrifice for greed and power. [available as a feature or limited series]

CRANIUM INTEL Available in HD 

(Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller – USA – Completed)

In the not too distant future, a gateway portal to an Earth-like, Planet >X< in the PX-11C galaxy system is discovered by President Whitaker’s top military engineer/scientist, Michael Logan. The energy required to operate the portal coupled with the nation’s crippling debt forces the President to sell forty-nine of the fifty-one United States to the Business Magnate, Xavier Street. Xavier has Logan kidnapped and forces him to complete a second gateway that Xavier can control. When Xavier’s team drag Logan and a female cop through the portal to Planet >X<, Logan is met there by Whitaker who outlines his master plan to start a new civilization that is free of pollution and disease with the final step of his god-like scheme being a cleansing of the Earth’s population for their sins via a deadly virus sent back thru the portal. After Whitaker kills Xavier, Logan realizes that he is the only one who can stop the President and save the Earth.

Cranium Intel is the first part of a trilogy that is based on a novel series.

Cranium Intel 2: Magnetic Contamination has Logan and Whitaker finding out the Gateway Arch has transported them a 1000 years into the future.

Cranium Intel 3: Magnetism X.3 will be the End of Planet >X<.


(Action, Animation, Family – Canada – Completed)

The most fearsome, destructive insect in the galaxy has come to Earth, and famous swashbuckling entomologist Dex Hamilton is on the case. But he's not trying to stop it. He's trying to save it -- from the remorseless exterminator Hartley Hunter, whose life's mission is to see all bugs in the galaxy wiped out. It's a rollicking animated sci-fi adventure with legs as Dex Hamilton is all that stands between the forces of evil and the most incredible insect species the galaxy has ever known. ...Based on the characters of the hit TV series that sold in over 60 countries.


(Action, Martial Arts – USA – Completed)

Cast: Eric Jacobus, Ray Carbonel, Huyen Thi, Bill Oberst Jr, Patrick Keenan, Christy Johnson

Dogs of Chinatown is a modern Romeo and Juliet tale with amazing martial arts action, all set in a world filled with gangsters, strippers and assassins. Utterly lonely, Jack sinks into deep depression as he bites down on a gun, but before he can pull the trigger, he's interrupted by Mafia thugs kidnapping a beautiful Chinese girl. With nothing to lose, Jack thwarts the kidnapping, which changes his life forever. The victim he saves is the mistress of a Triad boss, who soon employs Jack and grooms him to be a hitman. As Jack rises to become the Triad's top assassin, he also falls for Boss Wu's favorite mistress, Jin, who he originally saved, putting both their lives at risk. As Jack battles his way through the Mafia and the Triad, he must decide if his loyalty is with the Boss who gave him a new life, or the girl he loves.


(Animation, Family, TV series – Iran – Completed)

Cast: TBA

On a Far Far Away Island lives a modern caveman, a silly blue monster, three strange little natives, a T-Rex mother and her baby (plus occasional visits by a three-eyed alien). Episodes include the caveman competing with the monster to find eggs for his own birthday cake and the baby T-Rex thinking the caveman is his mommy after being found by the caveman. [26 Episodes x 5 Minutes TV series]


(Documentary, History – France – Completed)

For over 20 years, French researcher and explorer, Thierry Jamin, has been searching for the lost ruins of Paititi. This film retraces the first years of exploration between 1998 and 2012 as Thierry tries to unravel the secrets of mysterious giant Amazonian pyramids and tries to decipher strange Inca era map-like petroglyphs, all the while receiving threats from grave robbers, and the prison.


(Documentary, History – France – Completed)

Thierry Jamin goes in search of the lost cities of Lacco-Yavero. The French explorer discovers more than 30 archaeological sites: among them, fortresses, necropolises, and more than 15 complete cities, populated by hundreds of buildings and small streets. Plus, Thierry receives clues about a mysterious, sacred mountain top that hides the ruins of the “queen of lost cities” Paititi.


(Action, Animation – USA – Completed)

Crushed by the armies of Kaptara, the city of Athens is forced to hand over its children in yearly blood offering sacrifice of seven youths and seven maidens to a bloodthirsty god. Only the crown prince Theseus dares stand against the empire and he plots revenge against those who would destroy his people. He ventures into the depths of a dark, mysterious temple with ever-changing halls of the Labyrinth, only to face a monstrosity more terrifying than anything civilized man has ever seen, the Minotaur.



(Animation, Family – Iran – Completed)

Luggy is a music bag on her way to a music festival with her bag partner Lily. At the airport, while waiting for their flight, they get invited to hear a bag band play. Discovered by a cleaning crew, they are caught and thrown into a lost luggage jail. Luggy and her new friends must now find a way to escape or they could be trapped and forgotten, never to play music again.

MACHU PICCHU [3 Episodes x 52 minutes TV series]   

(Documentary, History – France – Completed)

In the heart of the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, French researcher and explorer Thierry Jamin, discovers a mysterious "door" sealed by the Incas for more than five centuries. This is an incredible story, with countless twists and turns, mixing scientific research and archaeological rivalries, against a backdrop of death threats. The result is one of the most extraordinary archaeological discoveries of the 21st century.


(Action, Animation, Family – India – Completed)

Mask-Man is an exciting, action adventure, superhero story. Dr. Saxena, discovered a formula that gave superpowers to Mask-Man, is kidnapped by the extraterrestrial Rocket Men. As Mask-Man sets out to save the doctor, he is attacked by various evil villains and aliens including Electric Girl, who generates deadly electric currents; the Sky Bikers, who will destroy everything in their path with missiles and the Snake-Man, a fire spewing monstrosity. Mask-Man finds the lair of the aliens and discovers they kidnapped the doctor to use his formula to rule over mankind. A thrilling battle of good versus evil then ensues with the world at stake.


(Family – USA – Completed)

Cast: Jeff Fahey, Dee Wallace, Jacob Hays, Katherine McNamara

Mary Carver (Katherine McNamara) is a very energetic, enthusiastic and creative young lady. After getting an "A" on her sixth grade final exam, Mary is rewarded by her parents with a puppy from Wayside Waifs, a local animal shelter. Mary not only finds a Yellow Labrador puppy named Tillie, she also befriends two lonely people, who she not only encourages to separately adopt a sibling of Tillie, but who she later introduces to each other. Mary believes that simply placing two people together with the assistance of some loveable puppies will result in a happy relationship. Cameron Banks (Jeff Fahey) who runs Wayside Waifs and her Aunt Karen (Dee Wallace), not only become accomplices in Mary scheme but also become her second "match". Mary then must utilize her new support group in order to carry out a plan she engineered to help her own parents who are becoming distant to get back together.

Seen thru the eyes of a young girl on the verge of womanhood, who enjoys meddling into adult lives with the help of animal adoption, the story emphasizes the connection between people's need for "unconditional love" and illustrates how the lives of six people can be changed with a little help from a pre-teen matchmaker and three adorable puppies.


(Family, Fantasy – USA – Completed)

Cast: Timothy Stultz, Erika Ann, Ken Mitzkovitz, Lisa Burdette

A young boy receives an ancient magical book that opens a mystical door into an enchanted kingdom where an adventure filled with warriors, elves, queens and sorcerers awaits.

Once the young magician learns that an evil underworld king threatens the beautiful forest realm, Max must summon the courage and knowledge to help them survive.

Join him on his magical adventure to a world where people and forests are one, kings and queens still rule, animals talk and mysterious villains haunt the shadows. Follow Max's journey as he transforms from a timid weakling to a skilled warrior and master of sorcery, returning to his own world after saving another with more confidence and wisdom than ever before.


(Documentary – Canada – Completed)

This is an inside look into how meth slowly destroys communities. This 4 chapter documentary humanizes those affected by methamphetamine by telling their story and those on the front line trying to break the vicious relapse cycle by treating the reason why they turned to the drug. Canada schools are using this doc to educate youth on the dangers of meth use.


(Action, Fantasy – USA – Completed)

A warrior tribe is waiting for their Goddess Sita to reincarnate and lead them to their home, Neshima. They guard a fragment of the crystal key she will use to open the portal to paradise. When barbarians raid their village and steal the fragment, Princess Lakshmi, her brother and their friends follow the barbarians into the desert. They steal back the fragment and find the missing piece, completing the key. However the barbarians attack the group, capture Lakshmi and kill her companions. The crystal key leads the barbarians to the fabled guardian, who they attack. Lakshmi kills several barbarians and saves the guardian. He takes her to Neshima and shows her that she is the reincarnation of Goddess Sita. She returns to Earth to lead her people home, only to discover the remainder of the barbarian tribe blocks their entrance to Neshima. Knowing what must be done, she leads her people into one final battle.


(Action, Animation, Family – Indonesia – Completed)

Set during World War 2 (on November 10th, 1945), Musa, a brave thirteen year old shoe shiner disguises himself as a courier so that he can secretly deliver letters to the Indonesian soldiers, as well as the families of the soldiers. The story is about gaining friends, losing loved ones, and how Musa and his friend Yumna experience the greatest adventure of their lives in a time of war.

Award: Grandprize (SICAF); Best Animation (Noida Int’l); Gold Remi (WorldFest)


(Action, Sci-Fi – Slovak / USA – Pre-Production)

Cast: -

In a world inhabited by giants Max Pastier flies the only weapon that can destroy them…a transforming giant robot, called Mecha, built from plans created by Earth’s ancient fallen civilizations. In this post-apocalyptic world, where the resistance is about to collapse, Max sets out to save the world…he is the “Ocassus”.

OLD BOLD PILOTS [pilot episode TV series]  

(Documentary, History – USA – Completed)

A documentary series that highlights little known aviation stories, told by the pilots that flew extraordinary missions and lived to tell about it. From World War II, the Korean conflict through Viet Nam, each episode features pilot testimonials about the trials and tribulations they faced during their flying service and beyond.


(Sci-Fi, Thriller – Australia – Completed)

Two brothers are members of The Fifth Wall, a small resistance group, who are fighting a losing battle to defend their small town from an invading alien species known as the Greys and their assorted alien-tech killing machines. During one mission on the outskirts of town, to save their commanding officer’s daughter, the brothers uncover a shocking truth that will change their world.

This alien invasion was created by the Government. The whole town has been locked away from “the real world” as part of a combat data collection project established after government operatives discovered Grey genetic code decades ago. The Grey are clones, as are the town’s inhabitants. All part of a military test case established to prepare the Earth for an upcoming attack by the Greys. What is real and who will survive?


(Sci-Fi, Thriller – Slovakia – Pre-Production)

Cast: TBC

In an attempt to outshine his Mars project colleagues, a young engineer tries to underhandedly purchase some old blueprints for an abandoned Soviet spaceship project, but ends up with the unfinished relic craft and its parts. With world-wide attention and private funding, the project is quickly completed and a courageous crew of nine sets off into the vast and unknown reaches of the universe in search of a quantum mechanical black hole. Their research distorts reality and opens a portal to a new world, into which the crew disappears one by one. When the engineer himself crosses through the gateway, everything in the spaceship and on earth changes forever.


(Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller – USA – Completed)

It happens without warning. All electrical devices are abruptly shut down. Dark, unearthly clouds form over cities and towns from which lightning strikes and vaporizes its victims. Food and water is suddenly contaminated, causing bacterial infection that kills within the hour, Ominous robed figures sweep the cities and landscapes, vaporizing everyone in sight.

Caught on the outside of civilization are four people, confronted with the unexplainable dangers surrounding them at every turn. In their perilous journey to find refuge, the burning questions arise: is this an alien attack on mankind? God’s biblical wrath? Biological warfare from an earthbound enemy? As the nightmarish events continue to unfold, the grim reality becomes clear to them, that by day’s end mankind will be extinct.


(Action – USA – Pre-Production)

Cast: TBC

Two-time Global Elite Martial Arts champion, now retired, Gabriel Hawkyns is suddenly entangled into a triangle of vengeance and retribution as a former and new arch nemesis emerge on scene. The upcoming tournament brings the best of the best to town, and a showdown of the ages ensues. Will good finally conquer evil once and for all, or will the dark forces prevail as we witness the Rise Of The Tarragon


(Action – India – Completed)

A thrilling, action adventure, where Uday, a photojournalist rescues a white tiger cub caught in a poacher’s trap. He brings the cub to a local village, causing the villagers to panic until the forest warden takes the cub away. The cub’s mother, a white Tigress, enters the village at night and when she can’t find her lost cub, she unleashes her wrath on Uday and disappears with his dead body. Uday’s brother puts together a crack commando team and a local tracker on a do-or-die mission to recover his brother’s body and kill the white Tigress. The team's quest leads them deep into the dangerous Sundarbans. An exciting hunt ensues, as the white Tigress not only eludes them every time but also manipulates them into her territory. Adding to their predicament, a villainous poacher schemes a plan to use the remaining group as bait to trap the white Tigress for himself. One after another, the hunters become the hunted. FICCI BAF AWARDS: Best VFX for feature film and Best VFX shot of the year.



(Animation, Family – China – Completed)

Cast: TBC

Eleven-year-old orphan Tiger dreams of being a certified Travelguard, safely transporting valuables from town to town. His hero is the legendary Master Yang, who has disappeared, but Tiger has a stroke of luck in his journey. Tiger finds the "famous", now scruffy, Yang. Tiger convinces Yang to help him execute his first delivery and they embark on a journey through a dangerous valley in Northern China.

95th Academy Awards-2023 short list nomination for Best Animated Feature


(Family, Comedy – USA – Completed)

Cast: Kevin Sorbo, Dee Wallace, Jacob Hays, Katherine McNamara, Jeff Chase, Ron Dean, Mik Scriba

"Treasure and mystery, I like that combination." -- Sam Steele Jr., Private Eye

Our story begins with the disappearance of the Crystal Chalice - a priceless Russian treasure dating back to the era of Peter the Great - in the early days of the Bolshevik Revolution.

Hidden in the Soviet Union for many decades, the Crystal Chalice is smuggled by a personal valet into the United States during a visit by the Soviet Premier in the late 1950s.

Jump ahead to present day, when Sam Steele Jr. (Jacob Hays) is assigned a book report on the Premier's visit. His lack of interest takes a 180 degree turn when antique store owner Ms. Jenkins (Dee Wallace) tells him the story of the Crystal Chalice.

Unknown to Sam, an undercover Russian agent and a gang of treasure hunters led by Cash (Kevin Sorbo) are also pursuing the Crystal Chalice. It is up to the Junior Detective Agency - Sam, Emma and Doug the Dog- to find the treasure before it falls into the wrong hands.


(Family – USA – Completed)

Cast: Luke Perry, M. Emmet Walsh, Jacob Hays, Katherine McNamara

Sam Steele Jr. wants to be like his father, a renowned detective with the metro police. So when summer vacation starts, Sam decides to turn his clubhouse into headquarters for the Junior Detective Agency. Sam recruits tween Emma Marsh for his receptionist when he sees her dog Doug has a nose for solving crimes.

Meanwhile, Det. Sam Steele Sr. is having trouble catching a burglar who breaks into antique stores, museums and wealthy homes and after robbing them, leaves a business card saying - "You have been robbed by The Cat". Tired of solving kiddie crimes, Sam Jr. decides to take on "The Cat" without his dad's knowledge which Emma thinks is a bad idea.

Nightly stake outs by the Junior Detective Agency over the next few weeks yield little, until Doug leads Sam Jr. and Emma to the scene of a crime in progress. Emma escapes as Sam Jr. and Doug come face-to-face with The Cat. Will Sam Jr. and Doug find a way out of a locked warehouse to stop The Cat, or will the city's greatest thief outwit its smartest junior detective and his canine cohort? Only Emma - with the help of Detective Sam Steele Sr, - can save them now.

"...captivating comedic caper!" - Kid Film Festival


(Animation, Family – Turkey-USA – Completed)

Cast: TBC

This is a story of caterpillar as he sets off to achieve his greatest desire which is to become a butterfly. In order to achieve his goal, he has to make a deal that leads to various problems for him and his friends along the way. Not only will he learn about his past but also how to help his friends with their problems.


(Horror – USA – Completed)

Cast: Tiffany Shepis, Debbie Rochon, Tina Krause, Ruby Larocae

A nonstop supernatural thriller that explores the dark side of underground filmmaking. Gina Skylar, the reigning queen of horror lures one of her passionate fans, Jake into her decadent world of illusions and myths. Jake’s desire for Gina is challenged when he discovers that she is a descendent of the She Wolf, Lupa, who protected Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. The She Wolf guards and nurtures the helpless while in human form, but once she transforms, she is bestial and dangerous. Is this real or just another scene from one of Gina’s movies? The twists continue as demons, beasts and a mentally unstable movie producer try to stop their forbidden desire.


(Family, Fantasy – USA – Completed)

Cast: TBA

The Adventures of Snow White and Rose Red is a live action fairy tale about two sisters who live in a humble cottage in the woods with their parents. Snow White, a kind girl with a passion for animals and books, is best friends with her sister, Rose Red, an outgoing girl with a curious spirit. When they’re not helping out with the family chores, they spend their days roaming the forest and playing pretend. But it’s not long before they learn that the woods they have lived in all their lives are nothing short of magical, and they begin to cross paths with the characters they’ve only read about in fairy tales, such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Alice in Wonderland! As they embark on their adventures, the girls learn the importance of sisterhood, friendship, and kindness, and that your life can be far from ordinary, if you just believe in a little magic! Available as a feature or a (6x15min) TV series.


(Animation, Family – Iran – Completed)

When Kooshkin the Rooster decides to retire his signature cock-a-doodle-doo, the residents of Gargor Lake anticipate his son Joojoo to take over. But Joojoo’s voice isn’t powerful enough to get the town out of bed, so the lake's amphibious residents start sleeping in. On the other end of town, a curious young frog named Sabzak has a plan: he wants to fix the town's abandoned clocktower. If he can find a way to get it running, there won’t be any need for a cock-a-doodle-doo.

But Sabzak doesn’t know anything about clocks until he encounters a mysterious crow with magic pumpkin seeds. The magic seeds give Sabzak the ability to get the grandfather clock working again--or so he thinks. Joojoo catches wind of Sabzak’s plans, however, and joins forces with the town’s nefarious sheriff to foil them. An animated feature film, The Cushion is the story of a courageous frog who learns he needs only to believe in himself to outwit his foes and restore his town to its former glory.


(Action, Family – USA – Completed)

Cast: John Schneider, Mollee Gray, Matthew Fahey, Amye Goussett, Jeff Hardy

Benjamin Bernard has lived his life in the shadow of his brother. Torn between jealousy and loyalty, Benjamin takes out his aggression as a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. A tragic event has one brother fighting for his life, while the other fights for reconciliation and redemption inside and outside the cage. This family film explores love, forgiveness, loss, healing and, ultimately, the realization that we all can be be The Favorite.

North America Release: Universal Studios

Neutral Spanish tracks available


(Action – USA – Completed)

Cast: Paul Logan, Alex Huynh, Tara Platt, Angela Little

When all the dregs of society have been pushed into one corner of the city and corporate greed threatens to take over their last bad neighborhood, the criminals fight back. Mack is the enforcer, collecting money and breaking bones, for the Biker gang leader, Bishop, who rules this ruined corner of the otherwise clean and corporate city called Docklands. Although Mack is a good soldier, he's starting to believe that things could be better. Alex, his beautiful girlfriend who runs the local clinic, wants them to leave, thinking Docklands is a lost cause. Lacey, Bishop's sly and seductive queen, seems to have plans of her own for both the area and for Mack. On top of all that, Silverstone, the power behind the City, wants the docks for his own, and is willing to use the most lethal of assassins, The Shortman & Still, to achieve his goal... no matter how many bodies need to be cleaned up afterwards. In the face of the coming conflict, Mack has a choice to make: stand with his friends or run with Alex. And his decision could change Docklands forever. This dark gritty tale features intense action, beautiful girls, martial arts, motorcycles and mayhem.



(Family, Adventure – USA – Completed)

Cast: Josh Margulies, Dezmond Gilla, Stella Tinucci

Eddie Fox, an ambitious yet out-of-luck treasure hunter, embarks on a perilous mission into the tropical jungle to prevent his power-hungry rival, Charles Wellington, from finding an ancient Hawaiian secret, known to contain a mystical force that could destroy the island.



(Sci-Fi, Thriller – USA – Completed)

Garrett Brown wakes up to a destroyed Earth 300 years into the future. His memory is slowly coming back thanks to drinking a blue liquid provided by human clones that survived the nuclear holocaust. Garrett remembers being part of a United States government agency and leading an investigation, in which terrorist aliens, led by Piak and Reverend Jeremiah C. Hope, plan to take over the planet. Garrett dies protecting us but is buried and hidden by the agency to later resurrect in the future. Garrett and the clones who saved him must now come together to overthrow Piak, the alien conqueror, and take back Earth. Garrett fulfills his destiny and becomes The Prototype - the only hope for mankind.

US theatrical and Vision Films release for ‘THE PROTOTYPE’

National Film Award: Best Screenplay


(Action, Adventure – Bulgaria – Pre-Production)

Cast: Ralf Moeller, Daniel Bernhardt, Udo Kier, Jenny Sandersson, more names to come

Germany, 1525- After the slaughter of her family, Duchess Gabriella escapes from the burning castle of Weinsberg and finds refuge with her aunt, Abbess Beata in the monastery of St. Ursula. A young nobleman, Baron Leopold falls in love with Gabriella and offers to trade a valuable piece of land for Gabriella to be his bride. Gabriella and Leopold go to the groom's estate for the wedding ceremony, but, on the way Gabriella meets a handsome, brave stranger –a “free man” Raymond and is impressed with his bravery and swordsmanship. The wedding ceremony is interrupted when a peasant army storms the villa and turns the celebration into bloody massacre. Leopold and Abbess Beata escape. Raymond, who happens to be one of the rebels, saves Gabriella and they fall in love, but they will need to fight all of the people who are after them.


(Action, Adventure – UK, Belgium – Pre-Production)

Cast: TBA

Set in 18th century China, the plot revolves around Shaun Conner, a young American sailor, on the service of British East India Company, who was captured by Asian Pirates and become a slave. On the board of pirate’s ship Shaun met his new friend, a Chinese General Tong, who was captured by pirates, as well. Tong become Shaun’s teacher in life and Chinese martial arts. Fighting back-to-back against the pirates, they gain their freedom and after many incredible adventures (including one with a giant sea serpent), Shaun returns home, just in time to marry his finance Jane, who was waiting for him all this time.

THE WINTER PRINCE and the Flame Eternium  

(Action, Fantasy, Adventure – Slovak / USA – Pre-Production)

Prince Frederick, a young warrior of mysterious royal lineage, and the sorcerer Thomas travel in search of adventure. Their quest leads them to the Kingdom of Paradiso a former Shangri-la now stuck in an eternal winter, because a dark wizard has extinguished The Flame Eternium to force the beautiful Princess Roxana into an unwanted marriage. When Frederick – dubbed The Winter Prince by the locals – falls in love with Princess Roxana, it is up to he and Thomas to re-ignite the Flame Eternium and bring warmth back to the frozen Kingdom. Thomas can’t defeat the dark wizard, but he does have a plan – find the last dragon hidden an the icy mountain cave and trick it into re-lighting the flame with its hellish breath – before Frederick’s love is lost forever.


(Family, Fantasy – USA – Pre-Production)

Ten year old Dorothy Gale is carried away in a one-room cabin that she shares with her Uncle Henry and Aunt Em by a tornado to the undiscovered Land of Oz. Quite by accident, Dorothy unwittingly frees the short, rugged Munchkins from the cruel Witch of the East. She is given the witch's Silver Shoes and is told by the Good Witch of the North that her best hope for returning home is to travel to the City of Emeralds to seek out a mysterious wizard, the Great Oz. Along the way she rescues a forlorn Scarecrow and a brokenhearted Tin Woodman, and is joined by a deeply insecure Lion. This unlikely band travels a perilous road to the Emerald City, where each of them is charged with first doing a favor for the Great Oz before he will help them. They are sent to kill the Wicked Witch of the West, Oz's last remaining enemy. But the Great Oz is a sham, and though these four unusual heroes have risked their lives carrying out his request, he is powerless to keep his promises.

This is not a remake, or a reimagining. This is the first faithful adaptation of the literary classic that brings Oz to life in live action as L. Frank Baum had envisioned it.


(Comedy – USA – Completed)

Director: Mark Brown (of the Barbershop franchise) 

Cast: Keith David, Gina Rodriguez, Aarti Mann, Nadine Velazquez

Jonah is a true nerd turned successful businessman who is living the dream and juggling two gorgeous girlfriends named Sharon. But the dream gets too real when he meets a third Sharon and falls in love.


(Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure – USA – Post-Production)

Cast: Billy Zane, Bruce Dern, Keith David, Don Wilson

A dangerous alien race discovered Earth 70 years ago, and developed a taste for humans. V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. Force is a secret organization of super heroes whose mission is to protect the planet. The alien race is no longer content to mount occasional forays to Earth, and now wants to conquer the planet and enslave all of mankind. V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. Force is committed to not letting that happen. With their numbers dwindling, V-Force must rely on its newest recruits — four inexperienced young women and their mentor Harry (Bruce Dern) — to support the organization and lead the fight against the alien menace. Are they up to the challenge? The future of Earth depends on it.


(Family, Documentary – USA – Completed)

Director: Dylan H. Brown 

Pete has been flying for nearly 2 decades. He's pushed cross-country paragliding to the limits, and with this final quest, he will try to do what no person has done before: Fly Across the State of Colorado. This life-or-death undertaking will go down in history as one of the greatest feats of adventure in America, if not the world.


(3D, Animation, Family – Mexico – Completed)

A classic underdog story with plenty of action, set in a far off galaxy where the gods forged five trophies honoring love, strength, wisdom, leadership and friendship, to bring balance to the universe. ZAX and his evil Niurax Corporation plan to seize control of planet Mantar by stealing four of these trophies and then winning the Great Intergalactic Z-BAW Tournament to get the fifth and final trophy. Only young KIBIT and his inexperienced team of: MARA, PLUNK and BERDI stand in the way. But, Kibit's team doesn't stand a chance unless they can convince RAH, a legendary Z-BAW player, to coach this young team to victory.